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Please enjoy viewing the some of my landscape design  projects shown below. Most of them are located in New Jersey. 

Simply click on any of the landscaping pictures to view more details.

Over 400 perennials were included in this New Jersey landscape to produce color from early spring through late fall.The residential driveway landscaping is colorful and became an eye-catching front yard design.

Front Yard Landscape

This upscale project included a complete driveway makeover. A front fountain was designed, which won two awards. In addition, there is a granite cobblestone courtyard, stone retaining walls, and additional driveway area of tar and chip with Belgian block curbing.

*Award Winning Design

Driveway Courtyard

This is one of the exciting swimming pools we created for a property on a slope. The design included a disappearing edge, pool beach area and a natural waterfall. Please click on the photo for more pictures of our landscaping ideas. The waterfall boulders and rocks are particularly striking.

Pool Design

Two bluestone patios, seawalls and a beautiful pergola were designed for this backyard. All natural stone was used. The design was both elegant and natural at the same time.

Bluestone Patio and Pergola Design

We won an award for this English Garden design in northern New Jersey. A formal pond and fountain, old brick walkways, sculptures, and old roses were all part of this formal, but loose, landscaping project.

*Award Winning Design

English Garden Design

This landscape design was created for this mountaintop home, where a unique front landscape was produced. Colorful Russian Sage and Purple Leaf Plum landscape trees line the driveway entry. Click on the landscape design photo to see more pictures of this project.

*Award Winning Design

Driveway Landscaping

A naturalistic pool was designed to create a lagoon type setting for this property. Retaining walls, natural stone pool decking, and a beautiful waterfall helped this landscape design and completed project win an award.

Click on the image to see more  pictures of this very special landscape project.

*Award Winning Design

Natural Pool Ideas

Watching the glistening water of the pond and listening to the peaceful sound of water tumbling over rocks make this an inviting setting. I have provided many New Jersey pond designs for residential and commercial clients.

While some landscape designs incorporate a waterfall into the pool, this is one of our landscape projects that located the pond at the pool paving sitting area.

Pond and Waterfall

Old plantings were maintained in this lovely Tudor home, while new ones were added, along with a new brick walkway, creating a welcoming setting. Solid bluestone steps were used with the walkway design.

Brick Walk Design

A two level patio, complete with seat wall, provides plenty of usable space and also makes for an interesting design. The patio material is bluestone set in concrete and the walls are natural stone.

Raised Bluestone Patios

Numerous sculptures were incorporated into the garden, including one that also serves as a playful water feature.

This was a design we provided for Mansions in May, a Designer Showcase in Morristown, New Jersey.

Designer Showcase

This small property is full of life and color, utilizing many landscape trees, flowering shrubs, and showy perennials. Black-Eyed Susan perennials provide dazzling color in late summer and early fall.

Small Front Yard

A wonderful view of the lake can be seen from the patio above the pool. This is a vinyl liner swimming pool, but you would never know it; the pool coping is seamlessly part of the colored concrete pool paving. A waterfall is part of the landscape design.

Lakeside Pool

These landscape design photos are just samples of  many landscape projects. 

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