Tips on Paving Materials in NJ

There is a very wide choice of paving materials in New Jersey  that can be used in your project whether it be a walkway, a driveway or a patio.

But what to choose?! That can be confusing. One of the things I help my clients with is exactly this.

Here is a brief overview, from the least expensive to the most costly.

Loose Stone

This can be used for almost any hardscape although it is most often used for driveways. The advantage is that it is relatively inexpensive compared to other choices. The disadvantage is that there is more maintenance. Weeds can surface and snow removal equipment can remove some of the stones. It does, however,  provide  a nice rustic look.


I don’t really like to use concrete in New Jersey because it can crack. If you do opt to use it, consider some interesting variations such as using colored concrete or scoring it into a nice design. When having it installed, make sure the contractor is putting in the joints correctly. There are standard joint distances to help with and shifting when the ground freezes and thaws.


Pavers are a man-made product out of concrete. They are middle of the road in pricing and loads to choose from. There are large sizes available made to resemble a more stone-like appearance which I happen to like. See a paver driveway.

Pavers - HIckory Blend

Travertine – similar in price to bluestone

Travertine is a great choice for swimming pools. It is not hot when you walk on it. This hardscape material can be dry laid, just like bluestone. This helps to keep costs down. It’s a beautiful stone which comes in many color choices. See a travertine project.

Travertine Pavers - Dry Laid


I would have to say that this is my favorite hardscape material. It is a natural stone and very durable. Bluestone comes in different color ranges. The two I like are “all blue” where all the stones are the same blue color and “full range” where the stones are various shades. Bluestone can be dry laid or wet laid. I prefer dry laid in New Jersey due to freeze thaw conditions which can cause the joints to crack.

Bluestone Patio - Full Range - Dry Laid

There are other types of natural stone too such as Idaho Quartz and Tennessee Crab Orchard stone.

Which material you choose should depend on the how it blends with the other areas of your landscape, the look you like and your budget.

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