Pond and Waterfall at Poolside

A pond and waterfall were created to compliment this NJ pool area. The glistening water of the pond and the peaceful sound of water tumbling over rocks create an inviting setting.

Natural pond

Many times a pond is located in its own area, and why not? I believe in using many areas of your property and a peaceful water feature area is a great place to sit and relax.

However, in this design, the backyard was not that large, so it made sense to locate it right at the pool paving. And how  nice for the clients! They get to sit and enjoy both the pool and this lovely water garden at the same time.

What worked out nicely here is that the rear part of the property is at a higher elevation than where the pool paving is. This provided a good opportunity to have a very natural looking waterfall. This is not a necessity, but it does make it look more natural, as if the water is really flowing down from a higher water source.

When creating a pond and waterfall, use lots of large rocks...that's how it is in nature..

White Birch were used behind the pond and look great since they often really do grow near water. Evergreen trees along the back property provided privacy for the homeowners.

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