Driveway Courtyard Design

This driveway courtyard design is an impressive project which encompasses an 18 acre property. The fountain,pool and lighting design won awards.

Natural paving materials added to the elegant look. Travertine pavers were used around the fountain, which was raised with natural stone walls. Notice the wall in the distance too. Face stone was used, which is a thinner stone and gets applied to concrete block. This is different than stone which is dry laid and stacked. (I am not saying one is better than the other!) An additional wall surrounds the fountain lawn area.

Front yard design.

View From House

The long, beautiful driveway was done in tar and chip which provides a much more rustic appearance than asphalt. However, the courtyard itself is Belgian block, a type of granite stone paver. An allee of Red Maple trees lined the driveway and is surrounded by lawn and wood edges.

tar and chip driveway design

Driveway Entry

Courtyard fountain.

View to House

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Driveway Courtyard Design