Landscaping Books

More Help With Landscape Design Ebooks

For more helpful information, please take a look at some of the landscaping books  I have written on many areas of landscape design. You will find these ebooks useful whether you are a DIY or hiring a landscape contractor. I have provided lots of professional information, tips and photos to guide you in the right direction.

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Designing Front Yards 

Discover professional ideas on how to create a front yard design that will really be unique and special. This guide covers methods I use myself when designing front landscapes for my clients. Many have won awards!

Trees For Landscaping

Read about the best evergreen, ornamental and shade trees that I recommend and   use in my landscape designs. Photos and tree info.

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Landscaping Costs

Find out what actual parts of a landscape cost. You will find this book extremely helpful and unique. This is based on my experience with project estimating and reviewing landscape bids.

Patio Plans For Inspiration

See actual patio plans that I did for some of my clients. You will see 3D   designs, photos and AutoCad drawings. You may use them exactly or get ideas and inspiration for your own project.

Designing With Evergreen Shrubs

This is a guide with recommended evergreen shrubs.
You can see plant photos and information for each individual plant.These are plants I use for my clients and know that they do well in N.J.

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Landscaping Books