How To Create Amazing Landscapes By Choosing Beautiful Plants And Placing Them Right!

By Susan Schlenger - Award Winning Landscape Designer

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How will this guide help you?

Here are some examples of what I have included for you:

  • How to design a "wow" foundation planting. 
  • Favorite plants I use for my clients. 
  • How to choose the correct size plants. 
  • How to create a knockout driveway design. 
  • Placing and choosing walkway plants for that extra pizazz. 
  • Placing/choosing plants for privacy.  
  • Recommended trees for privacy. 
  • Designing a beautiful slope - how to choose the right plants, placement, and recommended fool-poof plants!
  • See beautiful photos!


Landscape Design Testimonial

"This is to thank you for the purely lovely work on our patio. After all, without your beautiful sensibilities, we would not know the smell of the old beauty rose. You so thoroughly listened to what we were looking for at the onset, and delivered back this very special space, dotted with some of our ideas, but surrounded by an overall perspective and feel that we could never have imagined. The way you broke up the space...the seat wall...the selection and placement of the plantings...from every angle, from every view. It is simply beautiful..and you, Susan, are very talented." 
New Jersey Client